Glory, Fame, a taste of the world’s sweetest treats. Only those who are brave enough to venture into these lands are worthy of these claims.

For there has only been one to reach the pinnacle, and from his throne he challenges all.

“I am The Maker, and this land is my Sweetopia. Those with a heart full of adventure, seek me out! For all this land has to offer will be yours!”

These words, igniting their true passion, brought the Candy Hunters in droves to the shores of Honey Harbor. Visions of the ultimate prize flooded their imagination, the march on Candy Mountain was inevitable, but what lies ahead?


Owning a Candy Hunter will grant you exclusive access to Sweetopian Giveaways and Contests. These will be hand-drawn 1/1 pieces inspired by the Candy Hunters universe.


We’ve been shopping, we’ve been building. We will bring Sweetopia to life in the Metaverse, holders can look forward to a place for hangouts, exhibitions, and events.


Just like the candy you’ll find throughout Sweetopia, we want you nicely wrapped. Candy Hunter merch will be available exclusively for holders. Hoodies, Hats, and lots of bright colors.


Candy Hunter holders will have access to our Curated Art Collection, and will have the opportunity to mint special collaborations with both up-and-coming and well-established artists.


Sweetopia is vast and home to many, it would be unwise to walk these lands alone. Each Candy Hunter holder will be eligible for next generation collections and companion drops.


As the Candy Hunters push towards the mountain, it is clear the path will not be without resistance, however the treasure promises to be sweet



Leader, visionary and NFT hoarder

Social outreach and cryptojunkie

Business, finance and dream wrecker

Community manager and lord of nonsense

Developer, architect and cyberdad

Beloved artist, father and teacher